Friday, November 16, 2012

The Search for Sock

             Jimmy stuck his head under his bed, desperate to find his friend’s cat Ra.  The animal had been entrusted to him, and he didn’t seem to be anywhere.  Figuring his charge had slipped out of the house, he threw off his housecoat, grabbed pants from the floor, and started dressing.  When he opened his top drawer, however, all he saw was one single sock.  “How did that happen?” He wondered.  He was sure there had been two left after he’d taken out yesterday’s pair.  A cold fear went through him.  His mom would kill him, if he didn’t find it.  His dad had been a big star, and they used to have more socks and shirts than he could count, but a horrible man had shot him.  After that big bang, his universe had been a whole new thing.

             Slipping out of the house so his mom wouldn’t ask questions, he headed off on his search.  His left foot kept rubbing uncomfortably on the inside of his shoe, but he soldiered on.  The cat was nowhere to be seen.  Disheartened, he approached his old neighbour, who was eyeing him from his garden. 

             “Mr. McCoy, have you seen my friend’s cat Ra?”

             The man shook his head wisely.  “No, those are not easy to find.  You’ll need transportation to search far from home.”

             Jimmy nodded miserably, and slumped down against the garage wall.  He kept picturing the car keys hanging just inside the kitchen door.  He knew what he had to do; he was twelve, he could handle it.

             After checking through the window that his Mom wasn’t in the kitchen, he plucked the keys off the wall and sneaked into the garage.  The mechanical door stuck, so the car scraped against it with a painful screech.  He’d probably be grounded forever after this, but he couldn’t disappoint his friend.  Then he’d have to find that sock...

             Before he knew it, Jimmy had travelled so far the traffic was getting thick and complicated.  Busy staring out the side window for Ra, he didn’t notice he was heading straight for a garbage recycle truck.  At a honk, he slammed on the brakes, but it was too late.  He veered so only the empty passenger’s side was smashed.  The cans the men were dumping popped open, and out came Ra!  He’d got him back from the recycler!  Running over to pick him up, he stopped, astounded.  There, hanging out of Ra’s mouth, was his missing sock.

             The police were arriving, and calling his mom, and he knew he was in big trouble – but all he could think was, “Well, at least I found my sock, with my friend’s cat Ra.”

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