Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Avengers -- The Movie

Rip roaring fun, pure and simple.  Cool gadgets, surreal scenery with comic book brilliant colours, and superheroes with personality.  How could it not be a great ride?

The plot was easy enough to follow, but not so simplistic as to be annoying.  Each superhero had his or her time in the limelight, and the interactions between them were as riveting as battles with the foes.

My only reservation with this movie and comic line is that it’s impossible to delve into any one character in depth.  I really enjoyed this, but I may have slightly preferred Thor and Iron Man I and II.  Each superhero has a rich background, and Thor and Iron Man in particular have fascinating and almost opposite settings.  It’s a bit difficult to reconcile the mostly unexplained magic and kingly authority of Thor with the highly technical, logical, spoiled child genius of Iron Man.  While the contrasts make for interesting conflicts between the characters, it’s a bit more satisfying to immerse myself in the atmosphere of one or the other and stay there for a whole movie; having said that, I wouldn’t want to miss the next installment.

I was delighted with the humour and unexpected actions I’ve come to associate with the director Joss Wheden.  My teens and I are going through the Buffy and Angel DVDs and we think the man’s a bit of a genius.

All in all, a load of fun; don’t look for deep meaning or morals here, but I believe there is a great benefit to sweeping an audience away from reality for a couple of hours to refresh them for our mundane existence.

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