Monday, April 23, 2012

Hunger Games: The Movie

             A suspenseful, poignant presentation based on a novel of the same name, but not a fun movie for me.  I found the acting convincing, the graphics and CG effects well done.  Without having read the book, I found the plot clear, the motives and thoughts of the protagonist, and evil government antagonists understandable.  There was some lovely film work, beautiful scenery, but some camera shaking techniques not to my liking as I find it headache inducing. A well done, effective movie, but based on such a heinous practice I found it disturbing and depressing.

             There was a small victory in the end, the heroine probably saved one life, but not much has really changed.  I realise the story was the first of a series, but that didn’t stop my emotional distaste at the sick minds behind the wasted young lives.  It was much worse than a disaster movie, nature taking its toll is a reality – but to think that fellow humans could be that cold and sick as to set up young children to fight to the death is distressing to say the least. Worse, the contest is exceedingly unfair. I can’t believe the population, even of the evil Capitol, would accept pitting twelve-year-olds against eighteen-year-olds, and girls against boys.  How does a little girl fight an almost adult man?  In karate competitions I’ve gone to, they separate sparring matches by age group, experience level, and gender. How can anything else be just?

             Though for some reason this was a much touted and anticipated production, I find myself wanting to forget the whole movie going experience and move on.

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