Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Who Am I? Show in the works

  A young athlete, Adam Kensoi and his friends wonder what makes Adam so very different. A mysterious government agency spying on Adam’s every move knows more about Adam's deceased father and his puzzling origins than he does.
   Incredible feats of athleticism mixed with episodes of memory loss, mood swings and unconsciousness have Adam's mother and friends wondering if he suffers from a head injury or is just going crazy. Strange anomalies in Adam's blood have even more people convinced that Adam is not the same as everyone else.
   Unusual things become impossible to deny when Adam realizes the color-changing crystal shard that hangs from his neck is much more than a childhood gift from his father. Warned of impending danger but driven to solve the mystery, Adam and his best friends set out to answer the question, "Who Am I?"

A start-up network/studio, Syzygy, has a fund-raising drive for this sci-fi mystery, Who Am I?

Update:  The pilot has been funded, thanks to the generous genre fans who contributed on Kickstarter's website.  Casting notice is now up.

Update Feb 2011:  The pilot is mostly shot, here's the first trailer:

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