Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Star Trek The Movie

   A roaring adventure that spans multiple dimensions of sensory input.  You are moved to cry, to laugh, to tingle with excitement beyond the level of the expected norm for a sci-fi thriller.  A thriller it was, but the fast-paced action was interspersed with just the right amount of poignant character drama that was at the same time nostalgic, and fresh, and ranged from extremely  touching to hilariously  funny.  The real genius was in re-booting the franchise, yet keeping the original history, stories, and characters in tact.  The actors put on stellar performances, overcoming the huge challenges involved in not only bringing the emotional content of the script to life, but superbly emulating the style of the original actors.  A double challenge that surely was not easy, with the performers mindful that their every eyelash movement would be analyzed to death by millions of fans devoted to the original incarnation.
    That’s not to say that if you go mining, you can’t dig up some holes, or fall into some traps.  The cliches were there, too - but it didn’t seem to matter because of the emotional ride and just plain fun.

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