Friday, November 26, 2010

InSight, a Science Fiction News Show

            This is a fun way for Science Fiction and Fantasy fans to get the latest genre news.  In this weekly on-line genre-specific news show, Industry updates are interspersed with chatty breaks giving opinions and a bit of laughter, or the occasional mild tirade.   The two current hosts, Dave Andrews and Scott Brody, are the heads of the Network that airs the show.  They’re looking to replace themselves as soon as practical, as they move on to running everything going on with the network and production, since in their own words  the audience would rather look at younger better looking hosts.  I don’t find them hard to watch at all though, with their cheery expressions and senses of humour.
The content is relevant and timely.  It’s obvious the writers/producers (Scott and Dave mostly for now) are true sci-fi fans, and know what fans need.  What’s just been released at theatres, how it’s doing, what’s coming, book and comic coverage.  An intriguing real science segment, “On the Edge,” that often seems like it should be science fiction, and a segment on cool stuff Nasa is doing.  A worthwhile 20-30 min spent I’d say.  You can see the show at:

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