Monday, November 29, 2010

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows; Movie 7 Part I Better than the Book

             From the first moment the movie sucks you into another world and makes you believe the imaginary one is real. You feel like you’re living the adventure.  Watch out, it’s a dangerous one! Top marks, for the acting, animation, special effects.  Splitting the story into two parts was the only possible way to do it properly, the same should have been done for movies 4 through 6.  Parts of the movie were definitely horror, so it’s not for everyone.  There were also funny and touching parts to lighten the mood.  The Deathly Hallows novel was to my mind the weakest and most predictable of the series, and while the movie of course shared the same story, it was the first time I felt the movie was an improvement over the novel.
             I wasn’t pleased with the direction the novel took Harry.  Instead of learning to work with the government or facing up to Snape and partnering with him effectively but not lovingly, he wandered around aimlessly for a long time, making hit and miss discoveries.  This could have been a great story!  The Deathly Hallows was full of missed potential -- a purposeful Harry taking auror training, planning, interacting with authority figures as in earlier stories, but with more maturity, and taking on a leadership role by the end.  I was disappointed with the lack of character growth or learning for the characters. 
             The film version, however was a definite improvement over the novel, which actually dragged in places for the first time ever.  One part that was especially special was the beautifully animated short we got for the Beatle the Bard story vs. the novel only able to present it as a story to read within a story.  The long camping sequence didn’t seem to drag in the movie as it did in written form due to the wonderful acting and touching moments instead of the dreary descriptions.  Seeing Dobby come alive on-screen was a treat (until he died, but it was a reasonable story element).
             The part one ended on a wonderfully dramatic note, with Voldemort stabbing the powerful wand skyward.  There was a sense of completion, a mission accomplished, but not the mission we want to be  completed in the end!  Thus we’re able to leave satisfied but eagerly awaiting part two.

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